Studio Pilates offers classes here in Bali in a variety of formats designed to ensure you get the most from your practice. We constantly look for innovative ways to keep our instructor knowledge-base challenged and your training fresh. Our core business is Pilates and Studio Pilates Bali continues to remain true to those principles throughout all our programmes.

Please contact our studio at or +62 (0) 361 877 4094 directly to book.

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Please note:

• We operate on a 24-hour cancellation policy
• All classes are by appointment only

Beginners+ Mat

A non-machine based workout for those new to, or have little experience of Pilates with classes focusing on the principles and essentials of Pilates practice. In addition to gaining a good grounding with the basics, you will start to feel the benefits whilst preparing you to join any of our regular classes.Duration – 55 minutes.

Semi Private (Mat / equipment)

Practice in a maximum group of three, in our combined matwork and equipment repertoire classes. Sessions are structured according to experience and level of difficulty.Duration – one hour.


Personal attention is given in this one-on-one setting, allowing you and instructor to focus on specifics and detail using a full breadth of repertoire to stimulate and challenge your mind and body.Duration – one hour.

Pre and Post-natal Pilates

During pregnancy, hormone changes promote flexibility in the joints and muscles, and as a consequence care must take care to not strain muscles and ligaments. Pilates strengthens the body to stand up to the increased demands of pregnancy and child birth. Practising Pilates during pregnancy leads to easier labour and a faster return to fitness and your pre-pregnancy body.Practising post-natal Pilates is the safest and most effective way to define your core abdominals and improve your posture; posture which is adversely affected from carrying and feeding your child. You can come back to Pilates in as little as 2-6 weeks after the birth, and take part in a personalised programme.Please contact our studio at or +62 (0) 361 877 4094 directly to book.

Suspension training (TRX)

TRX at Studio Pilates Suspension training uses a system of pulleys combined with your bodyweight to help build all round strength, balance, flexibility and burns fat, applying similar principles to Pilates. Classes are in group settings designed to perfectly complement your Pilates practice through increasing your cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance.

Group Personal Training

Using a mixture of TRX, BOSU, and Pilates-based exercises to burn body fat and increase lean muscle. This class will appeal to those who want to challenge the strength and endurance of their large muscle groups and increase their metabolic rate (fat burning capacity).

Injury Rehabilitation

Injured clients receive a complete postural analysis or muscle and joint assessment to the affected body part as part of our private classes. From this you receive an exercise plan and assessment. (Please note Pilates cannot be used to diagnose specific injuries). Where possible, we will work with your medical team to ensure the best care for you.Depending on specifics of the injury and level of inflammation, you may be able to take group classes or benefit from private sessions. Your session is designed to decrease pain and loss of function and improve stability and mobility aiming to return you to full strength, flexibility and function.