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Aim High

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire a way of living – a life of abundance.  A life where you are pain free, moving with ease and thriving with energy.  We celebrate that your body is unique and has the power to restore itself.  We are here to give you those tools and help you create the life you deserve.

Peace inside = Peace outside

Our Why

With a deep love and passion for dance and martial arts, design, aesthetics, Natalie and Faz combined their talents and created a holistic and artful system for the body that has become a signature experience in Bali — The Art of Body Studio. 

We believe that if you free your body, you free your mind. It takes consistency, a positive attitude and committed support throughout your wellness journey. 

  • Pilates

  • Personal Training

  • Pre & Post-Natal Training

  • Holistic Healing & Therapy

  • Bowen Technique

  • Personal Integration & Coaching

  • Retreat Facilitation

Our Offerings


Our Studio

The Art of Body Studio is a fully-equipped pilates and personal training facility right in the heart of the Seminyak area of Bali, Indonesia. 

We feature four Reformers systems for one-on-one or small group sessions as well as TRX, weight training, personal stretching and yoga equipment to support our clients in their wellness sessions. 

Our studio also has laundry facilities for towels, private shower and change rooms.

All you need to bring is yourself and positive mindset! 



A successful fashion and advertising photographer for over 20 years, Faz moved to Bali for a more balanced lifestyle, and turned to pilates to heal an old surf injury to his knee. Not only was pilates the answer to his pain, Faz was impressed with the quick results and new take on mobility. After becoming a loyal client, he learned the STOTT technique under the tutelage and guidance of Wai Cheung and became a trainer.

Learn how we integrate mind, body & soul

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